Tribes - Inspiring Offices

Tribes provides inspiring workplaces, starting from our Network Access memberships, virtual offices, meeting rooms and flexible workplaces throughout a local, national and global network. Comfort and efficiency are key determinants. 

We supply 5-star extremely catchy material finishing, high performance IT, amenities which simplify your life such as dry-cleaning, shoe repair service, high level fitness, Good Food restaurant and a great library lounge to name a few. Inspiration is the first step towards your success. The 34 remaining indigenous tribes around the world inspired us and, if you let them, they will inspire you too. Every location has a different tribe as honorary guest. By using the customs, colours, textures and objects from a Tribe in your location, we take you on a journey, as your mind needs to travel to be creative. You will feel at home away from home. State of the art workplaces, equipped with all amenities you need to make your business more efficient. Join Tribes and set your first steps towards success. Get inspired and inspire others!

Tribes is people

At Tribes, you will find a tribe of like-minded professionals, who are going where the business takes them. Join the 35th Tribe! Our community of business nomads, a group of people that share the same beliefs, interests and habits. Meet workers from all vocational areas, blood types and every corner of the earth. They have one thing in common: Tribes is their home. Get in touch with your like-minded at Tribes! Come in, grab a coffee, get inspired and start working!


Every Tribes location offers world-class facilities that will make your life and business easier. We offer ultra high speed Internet at all of our locations, so your work will be more efficient. Find inspiration in our Library lounge, with up to 1Gb Internet. You’ll have access to Follow-Me printing, scanning, faxing and copying, so when you forgot to print your documents, you can get them at the next Tribes location you’re visiting. At your first visit to Tribes, we install all the codes for ultra high speed Internet and cloud Follow-Me printing. Once we’ve done this, you can go to any location and everything works seamlessly. You don’t need WiFi codes or to install drivers or printers. Come in, have a coffee, open your laptop and start working!

Meetings will be exciting and refreshing in one of our amazing meeting rooms, which suit every requirement and which have all the equipment and technical infrastructure expected by modern business nomads. We promise you that meetings will no longer be dull and boring, especially not in the inspirational rooms, and we have several of these inspiration rooms on each location!

Start your day with a delicious coffee at our Espresso bar. We pour the best cups, only using the best coffee beans to guarantee a rich flavour. Don’t bother any longer about bringing lunch, go to our Tribes Restaurant and enjoy high standard and healthy food. If there isn’t a restaurant at your location, just use our Good Food Express service! Want to focus on something else than business for a moment? Clear your mind in the fitness area with our excellent personal trainers. Several Tribes locations even have a pop-up store, such as a tailor shop and even a barbershop. Take a break and pay them a visit to look astonishing for your next meeting. End your day at the Tribes Café, where you can meet with your peers, other Tribes members or perhaps celebrate a business deal with your customers!

Before you go home, don’t forget to leave your laundry with us and use our Dry cleaning services. Leave your suits and shirts and pick them up at any Tribes location you want! You can also leave your shoes with us, to get them polished and repaired (don’t forget to bring an extra pair!). We told you, we make your life and business easier!

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